Monday, 2 January 2012

I wasn't Eva Golding

‘Eva Golding’ is a name that I acquired over two separate life events rather than given by my parents, though I do have a birth name that reflects my Chinese heritage.

Under the British colonial influence, it is not uncommon for young people in Hong Kong to adopt an English name in addition to their Chinese birth names. ‘Eva’ was picked by my sister for me when I started secondary level schooling. From then on, I had been called Eva Chan.  

Eva Chan was a name on my passport that I came to England with as a student. Soon, in London, through marriage, I acquired a new surname as Golding. Like most newly married young women, I mourned the loss of my unmarried status and felt strange when I was called Mrs Golding.  ‘Eva Chan’ was quaint if not trendy, but a total western name ‘Eva Golding’ seemed more than wrong to me.

My image of a ‘Eva Golding’ is someone who resembles the younger Margaret Thatcher or woman of her kind, no wonder I keep seeing surprised looks from people who call out my name in waiting rooms in public places i.e. surgeries and hospitals. 

It has been many years since I acquired the name 'Eva Golding'. I do feel I am a 'Eva Golding' if I don't think too deeply about it. 

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