Monday, 2 January 2012

Argos Experience

With a reservation number, I went into Argos to pick up a Juicer ordered last night on-line. In Argos, firstly I paid the cashier by this reservation number, then I was given a collection number '805' and was given 4 minutes waiting time for my collection. So I sat down on one of those hard chairs, joined with others silently staring at the machine above for our numbers to appear.

'Number 805, please come to the collection point' was clearly called out in a electronic-voice. My automatic response was to make my way to the collection point and collect the box by the number '805'.

The whole buying/selling process was technically and systematically conducted, it has been predetermined and there was no room for any un-predicted outcomes to be arisen at any moment. My decision to buy came in contact with this system, through interacting with this system I was drawn into the 'conveyor belt' of its operation of which I became part. 

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